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Ode To Birth Womb Services

Reminding women of the power and wisdom
deeply rooted within their womb.

An Ode to Birth

Childbirth is not meant to be quieted nor controlled. Childbirth is a transformation – a song to be sung ! It is subjective and completely intimate. Childbirth is primal, sexual, and full of wild emotions. It is an honour to be a part of your journey as you welcome a child earthside.

There has been many years of harmful programming from the media and in areas of maternal health that has caused women to feel as if they are not in tune with their bodies. An Ode To Birth reminds women of their instinctual cycles. The focus is to help you establish a deep connection with yourself and in turn you will discover the power of your sacred vessel – the womb! 

Connect with Madison

What Clients are Saying

Madison's loving and motherly nature is exactly what I needed when I went into labour. She was my right hand girl. It was a stressful experience due to certain circumstances but having Madison there was the miracle I needed. She was prepared for everything that came our way during the birth. She handled everything with grace. She soothed me .. massaged me .. offered me the comforting words I needed to hear. Madison was my saving grace and that day would have been one hundreds times harder without having her by my side. The world needs more angel Doula's like her!

Carli Wager

Madison Desjarlais was present for the birth of my first child, Wynn Rose at Abbotsford Regional Hospital. My husband and I met with Madison a couple of times early on in the pregnancy to get to know each other and generally assess whether we all would be a good match. Madison made us both feel comfortable and encouraged as we discussed the type of birth I was hoping to have... Madison is knowledgeable and her presence feels warm, calming and accepting, all of the things I wanted to help me bring my first baby into the world.

Emily Gill
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