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Miscarriage and Abortion Offerings

First off, let me remind you that those with a womb have been letting go of pregnancies for as long as humans have walked this earth. Your body is not broken. It is time to reclaim sovereignty over your body.

When it comes to miscarriage…your body knows best. Sometimes the body recognizes that a developing embryo might not have been healthy, and so it lets go. I have resources for you if fertility and miscarriage has been a troubling cycle. With the power of ceremony and intuitive healing, I can guide you through a womb healing journey. I can also suggest some gentle herbs and a nourishing diet that will mend you from the inside out.

When it comes to abortion…I respect your choice through and through. This is not always an easy process, I have had my own personal experiences with choosing to let go of pregnancy (link to blog post). There are herbal and medical options that I can share with you. Please trust in this process – I can walk with you through this time.

A ceremony to reconcile with the miscarriage or abortion is something that our ancestors know all too well. I encourage this practice for all of those who release a pregnancy. Your partner can be a major part of this ceremony if you choose to have them present. This is an opportunity for you to establish a connection with the child’s spirit – forgive its presence, send it back home with reverence, and make peace with the entire experience. I will be your guide and hold space although it is you doing the work.

Please note that although I may suggest herbal remedies, I am not a medical professional and all advice should be followed up by a healthcare provider (your family doctor, midwife or obstetrician).



Phone Consult

15 Minutes


Miscarriage Ceremony/Support

2 Hours


Abortion Ceremony/Support

2 Hours


*Please call or email me directly for a consult or find the bookings page for scheduling Prenatal Yoga, or Postpartum Visits*

*These prices are not set in stone. I offer sliding scale options and will accept payment plans*