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“Madison Desjarlais was present for the birth of my first child, Wynn Rose at Abbotsford Regional Hospital. My husband and I met with Madison a couple of times early on in the pregnancy to get to know each other and generally assess whether we all would be a good match. Madison made us both feel comfortable and encouraged as we discussed the type of birth I was hoping to have.

One of my biggest fears was that the medical staff would want to push an intervention that I was uncomfortable with or didn’t know anything about, but that I would be unable to advocate for myself or stop to think about it. I felt so much relief going into labor knowing that Madison knew us and was on board with our wishes and generally our outlook on labor and delivery, I felt like we could relax and focus on the task at hand, like she was going to looking after us.

During the actual labor and delivery Madison was quiet and reassuring. She was a support person for myself and also my husband. The two of them took turns applying pressure and heat to my lower back and generally I felt that I could ask her for anything or conversely ask her not to do something. She made it clear there would be no hard feelings in labor and delivery!

Madison is knowledgeable and her presence feels warm, calming and accepting, all of the things I wanted to help me bring my first baby into the world. ”

Emily Gill

“Madison attended the birth of my second baby. During birth and in the first hours after a mother isn’t super aware of the things going on around her, but when I think back to that day there are these bright snippets of Madison intuitively doing just the right thing at the right time. Being close when that was needed, giving space when that was the right thing to do. Offering her warm personality completely at all times.

My daughter arrived a week early and in the first few moments after the birth I mentioned to no one in particular that I had meant to get a cake, a birthday cake, for the baby so that my 4 year old son would have a special treat on the day of the birth. Moments later Madison entered the room with a beautiful “cake” of fresh fruit that she had foraged for in my kitchen, cut up and arranged, and decorated with a lit birthday candle that she had brought with her.

We all sang Happy Birthday to our few minutes old daughter and it is a memory I will never forget. It is an example of the type of person Madison is and the type of work she does. She heard there was a need, didn’t make a big deal about asking if she should do something, she just thought of the right thing to do, made it happen, and created a lasting memory. I was lucky to have Madison be a part of my birth experience and now a part of my life.”

Mindan Gunther-Moore

“Madison’s loving and motherly nature is exactly what I needed when I went into labour. She was my right hand girl. It was a stressful experience due to certain circumstances but having Madison there was the miracle I needed. She was prepared for everything that came our way during the birth. She handled everything with grace. She soothed me .. massaged me .. offered me the comforting words I needed to hear. Madison was my saving grace and that day would have been one hundreds times harder without having her by my side. The world needs more angel Doula’s like her!”

Carli Wager

“Madison came into my world on divine timing. I was hurting and in need of serious guidance. Losing a baby is not something that most people talk about, but Madison made it obvious that everything was going to be okay. Her soft touch and gentle words made a huge difference. She brought warm soup to my house and burnt sage while I wept, and wept, and wept. She cleaned up my space without me asking, and tucked me into bed once the entire process was over. Having Madison with me during this experience definitely made the experience less traumatic. Every one with a womb deserves to feel Madison’s love and compassion.”

A Wise Way Release

“I found out I was preggo and lost my mind. We couldn’t afford a child in any way! I was devastated and had so many questions. A friend of mine told me about Madison. Thank God. Madison knows what the f*** she’s doing! Her advice and suggestions made the entire ordeal so much easier than I thought it would be. The home visit was comforting, and then she was literally on the phone with me every day until I completed the abortion. I’m glad I had someone to remind me to not feel ashamed or guilty. Life happens. Moving on… Thanks Madi.”


“We were not in the position to have a baby. I was feeling super confused and in a state of panic for a few days until my cousin told me about Madison Desjarlais. My partner wanted nothing to do with a herbal abortion, he only trusted in the docs. But my previous trauma with the health care system made me want to try a natural abortion. Madison’s suggestions were concise and her ceremony was something I will never forget. I hold my baby’s spirit close to my heart and I welcome it to come back into my womb when the time is right. Wow, I just wish more women knew abortion doesn’t always have to be medicalized. Madison taught me that the body is smarter than we think. She’s young, but clearly an old soul.”

“Madison walked with me to the abortion clinic, sat with me in the appointment, came back to my house, made soup, massaged my feet and told me to rest. I was a mess after taking the pills. Madison left her day job to come over and hold space for me in those dark moments. Madison went above and beyond, making sure I wouldn’t feel traumatized by this process. It’s been a year since my abortion. I’m lucky to have had an angel like her by my side.”


“Madison appeared to me like an angel sent to answer my prayers. She was there for me every step of the way as I underwent the extremely unexpected, stressful, and painful process of releasing a pregnancy. I felt safe and supported as she answered all my questions honestly and held space, making sure I was in a stable place mentally and emotionally to follow through with the procedures. She listened to my needs and concerns and was able to support me through the entire process, always answering my messages in a timely and thoughtful manner. The most powerful impact Madison had during our work together was when she led me into a personal ceremony. She guided me to honour and release this soul and helped me make it a positive and connected experience. I believe this helped me minimize any trauma I could have taken on during the process. Madison is a shining light and would be an asset on any birth team. She will help you be present and prepared. She holds space beautifully with her loving kindness and gentle feminine energy, simply being around her is enough to raise your energy and vibration.”


Partner appreciation:

“I feel truly honoured and blessed to have been attended by this exceptionally wise, and knowledgeable Doula. Her connection to the mother and her medicines is felt, and recognized. The attention to detail, the grace, the presence, the support, and honest nurturing space she provided made me feel at peace and empowered. New age and relevant, combined with ancient medicine wisdom, I am thankful for the service Madison is providing the community in a time when it is so vital to bring these gifts of the Doula to the people. Blessings and much appreciation.”