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Ode To Birth is devoted to supporting the entire reproductive continuum in a holistic way, from conception into the fourth trimester. We are a team of conscious birth workers, parents, and healers. We offer an array of modalities that help you tap into your intuition and embrace this time of transition.

Meet the Doulas

Birth doula and postpartum rates are listed below. To book a specialty service such as prenatal fitness/massage with Morgan or miscarriage support with Sarah please contact us directly.

Doula Birth Packages

General Birth Keeper Support Package

$ 2,100

  • At least 10 hours of prenatal visits
  • Bi-weekly client check-in’s
  • 2 Private prenatal yoga sessions
  • A secured seat for you and your partner during My Powerful Birth Series (with Michelle and Samantha) 
  • Birth pool rental
  • Home birth supplies kit
  • On call support and attendance at your birth (on average 20-40hrs of support)
  • 2-3 at home postpartum visits

All-Inclusive Birth Keeper and Postpartum Support Package

$ 3,500

  • Unlimited Access to the Dream Birth Online Course ($400 value) – launching August 2022
  • At least 10 hours of prenatal visits
  • 4 Private prenatal yoga sessions
  • A secured seat for you and your partner during My Powerful Birth Series (with Michelle and Samantha)
  • Bi-weekly client check-in’s
  • Birth pool rental
  • Home birth supplies kit
  • On call support and attendance at your birth (on average 20-40hrs of support
  • 30 hours postpartum support ($1,050 value)

Doula Postpartum Rates

Our postpartum rates are hourly: $35/hour day rate and $40/hour night rate.

Want to Connect?

If you are ready, please fill out the birth intake form and we will connect with you as soon as possible.

Birth Intake Form

Meet our Doulas

Adell J-Zeeben: Postpartum Doula

Growing up surrounded in a culture where birth trauma is normalized made life feel hopeless as a young girl. I felt uncomfortable in my body and claimed I never wanted to have children of my own. Until I learned about physiological birth and the lights turned on.

When I discovered free-birth and I shifted my perspective from birth being something to be feared into a rite of passage that needs to be celebrated, a weight I had been carrying all my life had been lifted. I learned to love my body and honor it for all it was capable of. I free-birthed my son in the fall of 2022 and he has been a lovely companion and one of my greatest teachers. I knew I wanted more women to experience an easy transition into motherhood so I started 2023 off by going through the Wise Women Way of Birth Postpartum Doula training. I am so excited to support women through the postpartum period. Also, I am a huge breastfeeding advocate!

Sarah Helten: Postpartum & Miscarriage Doula

Sarah is a Mother of two boys 13 and 10 years old, and one spirit baby. She studies & practices psychic reiki, energy, art, and sound healing, and brings these practices into her services as a postpartum, and miscarriage doula. Sarah appreciates the common term used is Miscarriage, and inspires those to acknowledge this experience as an actual birth as well. She felt so lost for information, and support going through her own miscarriage, and became determined to create a service that could help women during this time.

Sarah realized she had a gift to share to create intuitive art as a source of communication between the Mother and unborn child while she was going through her own pregnancy loss, and felt deeply called to learn all she could. Sarah brings ceremony to the process of healing for postpartum mothers, and Mothers grieving the loss of a pregnancy through energy healing, nurturing acts of service around the home, holding space, music and sound, and spirituality. She adores creating supportive rituals that fit into everyday life, for the family unit, and for the Mother to empower her as the Matriarch of wisdom & love. Some of the training Sarah has completed to support her in this work are: Bereavement with Madison, Postpartum care with Wise Woman, Mikao Usui Reiki training, CBT/ DBT/ Depression/ and Anxiety Skills training, Confident Parent; Thriving kids program training, BCRPA Personal & Weight Training, Temple Body Arts Female Leadership training. & more…

Wendy Anne O’Neill: Birth Doula and Birth Photographer

I am passionate about helping you enjoy your pregnancy, birth, and baby(s) and the journey you’re all going through together. Not only am I excited to be a part of it all, but to capture every moment and retell your story in still images. I have been a birth worker for over 2 years and have attended upwards of 35 births. I specialize in physiological births, however, I am behind you every step of the way in your choices. I am dedicated to my practice, my clients, their children and their prenatal and postpartum care. I feel very deeply about birthers receiving the care and attention they deserve, before and after birth. I focus a lot on education, so you can feel confident in your birth goals and that we can achieve your dream birth together! I am a mom of two. My son is a kind-hearted, non-stop little 3-year-old. He’s the one who inspired this career path; our birth story and our doula. My daughter is 9 months old and helped me rediscover my love for the fourth trimester, and gave me my dream home birth. My husband is a supportive and loving partner and an even better father. He is my biggest cheerleader in my career, even when I wake him up at 3 am to leave for a birth… I’m a big animal lover; we have two dogs, two cats and we’re currently fostering baby rabbits. We’d probably have more if I were allowed! Horseback riding, reading, running (or yoga, or dancing, or any sort of movement really!) are my me-time things and I love spending time at the barn with horses or lost deep in the woods.

Jessica Bell: Lactation Doula

I am a plant-based mama of a very sweet and active toddler and I am a Postpartum Lactation Doula. During pregnancy, I received so much great education and information around pregnancy and birth, and a little bit about what happens once the baby is born. It was almost like an afterthought; some basic care principles and the rest you’ll figure out! So I figured it would be as simple as that! My journey through the 4th trimester was well supported but I realized that there are a lot of gaps in postpartum support for families, especially for the birth parent. After 6 weeks postpartum there is not really a continuum of care and I felt called to help others navigate through this very vulnerable and transformative time.
As a Postpartum Doula I support families in many different ways as everyone’s needs are unique! My main priority with every family is to help them regain confidence in trusting their intuition while honouring the need for rest and giving them the time and space to bond with their new baby. I completed my postpartum training with the Wise Women Way of Birth in November 2022.
As a Lactation Doula, I have been extensively trained in breastfeeding and body-feeding support with Shaz from Our approach is allowing the baby to fully access the feeding reflexes they are born with and helping parents learn to trust their babies (and their own!) instincts. I completed the 20-Hour Breastfeeding Course at Douglas College in June 2022 and am currently in the final phase of my apprenticeship through Mama Milk.

Erin Lemon: Birth & Postpartum Doula

Building an intentional, supportive community is one of the greatest acts to creating a connected, informed and intuition-led pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It’s my privilege to help you and your birth partner step into birth and parenthood feeling confident, supported and present. I want you to feel heard, and treated as an individual; to access information that helps you make decisions in alignment with your goals and values. I’ve always found joy in service-led work, guiding me to a career in the social work field. After having my own babies, 16 & 13 years ago, I’ve gravitated to careers that encourage me to strengthen and honour my intuition as a woman and mother; nature, simplicity, intuition and time are my greatest guides. I’ve trained through Wise Women Way of Birth. I am continually learning from doulas and professionals in the birth community, parents I work with, and the abundance of research and resources that are available. I have been working with essential oils for 7 years and am happy to help you safely incorporate them into your pregnancy, birth, and low-toxin lifestyle. Working with me looks like creating your ideal birth and postpartum, navigating through (or around) the medical system, adapting to changes, sharing options, debriefing after appointments, and feeling cared for, while respecting your privacy. Dad’s and birth partners, I’m here to help you feel like you are a part of the process! I love a good, strong cup of coffee, walking in nature, spending time with my family, essential oils, camping, laughing and connecting with people, so I’m already looking forward to meeting you!

Hannah Whitney: Fertility, Birth and Postpartum Doula

It’s hard to sum up your purpose and passion in a few sentences but for me, this work comes down to creating a feeling of safety. Being a birth worker means being present, trusting people’s bodies and holding space for the amazing force that is childbirth. I am here to support this community and to create space for people to be witnessed and accepted during their fertility, birth and postpartum experiences. Right now, my focus is on making a beautiful and safe physical space as I start a children’s book and toy store with my mother. I hope to use this creative endeavour to bring awareness and connection to the families around me. I see this collaborative effort of the Ode to Birth community as an opportunity to change the way we approach birth and parenthood. No longer will we feel isolated, lonely and ashamed of ourselves. Together we will validate each other’s experiences, honour our intuition and make room for the full range of human emotion. No matter what your experience is, you are welcome.

Stephanie Rose: Ritual Hair Stylist & Womb Healer

1:1 Journey with Stephanie, a hair/womb/rose priestess, as she leads you on a Rose Meditation with beautiful sound, essential oils, touch, shampoo & scalp massage and nurturing care. This is a one-of-a-kind, personalized offering specifically for what your energy is calling forward. Includes energy alignment with tuning forks, hand massage to awaken the palm chakras and connect to your Divine heart, and womb, a card reading and rose tea. Stephanie will bring in transmissions from the Rose Lineage and unite you back into the sacred heart, for healing and transformation. This ritual experience is perfect for any Goddess that is on her fertility journey – conceiving, pregnant, or postpartum! Use promo code “Ode to birth” for a discount on your selected ritual service!

Book your service here:

Olivia Zander: Birth and Postpartum Doula

I was drawn to support other growing families after I gave birth to my daughter and came to know that what happens in birth matters: it is your transition into a new family dynamic and an experience you will carry solidly in your body, heart, and mind forever. I completed the Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula training and have continuous professional development that grounds my active work as a doula in wisdom and evidence.

My interpersonal skill and soothing presence as a birth and postpartum doula are further informed by a BA in counselling and years of experience working closely with women at non-profit organizations such as the Elizabeth Fry Society and Atira Women’s Resource Society.

My doula style is peaceful, loving, and dedicated. With an open heart and strong hands, I will attend to your physical and emotional needs (as well as your partner’s). I work hard to help you stay connected to your inner power, and I will communicate with your care team with tact to ensure your choices and voice are respected and heard.

It is always an honour for me to accompany the raw and vulnerable power of birth. My aim is for you to anticipate your birthing time feeling grounded, ready, and joyful. Prenatally, we will work together to build trust in your body’s instinctual ability to birth, discuss your values, and develop the knowledge and skills needed for you to confidently make informed choices – however the birth unfolds. Centrally located, I support families throughout the lower mainland, and when I am not at a birth, I enjoy romping around in the mud and sun with my toddler, dog, and husband, dancing in my living room, and making art when I can find the time.

Brittany Bosch: Birth Doula, Medicine Woman, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Brittany is passionate about holding space for women in their most vulnerable and expansive moments. Through times of pain and transition. Life’s most juicy moments. She is a Certified Doula and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She is a channel for light language, a plant medicine ceremony facilitator, and energy/bodyworker. Having experienced the darkest corners life has to offer with her own health, she underwent a complete spiritual awakening.

With utmost gratitude for the teachings of the universe, she lives in a depth of intuition, compassion and grace for the unfolding of life. And she is here to hold space for all of it. All of you is welcome in her presence. She is a behavioral interventionist for children on the autism spectrum, and a nanny to babies. Her philosophy in birth keeping is being close enough to support you, your partner and your family, while disappearing into the shadows of your birth portal so that you know and feel that you have done this yourself. Crying softens the cervix. Your body knows what to do. Your partner knows how to support you, and has an important role in your birth process. Empowered mothers, empowered fathers, raise empowered children. And Brittany believes this begins with an empowered birth.

With a background as a competitive and professional dancer, Brittany is at home in her body, and knows how to assist your own personal process of energetically grounding into your own. For you to feel empowered, present, and in the depths of your ability to receive and work with the waves of the mystery of the universe working through you to birth your baby. Life comes with natural cycles of death and rebirth.

As you transition into motherhood, you are not only birthing your baby. You are also birthing your new sense of self, once a Maiden, now a Mother. And there is no going back. Brittany is here to connect you to your strength and presence, to hold you in sacred space. Working personally and professionally with plant medicines, she is well versed in the realms of ceremonial work. She holds space for people going through their darkness moments with plant medicine, and she considers birth to be a ceremony. There is power in the unknown, in the mystery, and your birth portal is an opportunity to claim and honor that. To build your warrioress strength and discover how powerful you truly are. To allow for your intensity to unleash in its raw and wild potency. A time to enter your divinely feminine dreamtime realm, to feel the oxytocin love awaiting you and your new family on the other side.

Jane Male: Birth Doula

Recently graduated from Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula training taught by Gloria Lemay I am able to assist you so you can embrace the life-changing experience of giving birth. From creating a birth plan, assessing nutrition to comfort birthing positions and what works best for you, your family and your baby, I will offer my knowledge and training to help you in your journey.

I taught high school theatre and dance for many years. Birthed two children of my own. Love my dog, family and friends and strive to live my life with integrity. I find the healing qualities behind nature and laughter have helped me navigate through many of life’s challenges. Learning self compassion and embracing common humanity have brought me to a place where I want to be present at every moment.

Tamara Starcevic: Birth and Postpartum Doula

Hello, my name is Tamara, I have studied and absorbed the wisdom of birth and served women and their families for seven years. I began my birth doula studies through Wise Woman Way of Birth with Gloria Lemay and then with the late Jessica Austin. I then mentored with Jill Colpitts for a year, completed my breastfeeding course with Shaz Tayebi and my postpartum training through Motherwit with Lesley Everest. I am an eternal student of birth with the utmost respect and fascination towards the process.

Birth is a doorway that opens you to the path of motherhood; a very honourable and underappreciated role, that will teach you to ultimately be selfless, in the most challenging, heart opening and bizarre ways. My role is to help support you throughout that process, should you choose to birth with a traditional birth attendant, or in the early postpartum days until your body has had the time to recover from childbearing.

My postpartum support is a mixture of: helping you choose the proper foods and herbs for optimal recovery and nourishment; teaching you all about how to care for your newborn; and helping you with the possible nuances of breastfeeding. I will spend time with your baby and/or your other children so you can have a bath or a nap and I will make sure your daily tasks are taken care of. I am also there to be a listening ear if you need someone to process the birth with or simply share what a delight the whole experience was.

A postpartum doula is what our aunts, mothers, sisters and friends did for us before our modern world made us all so busy. The difference is however, that the boundaries are already established in a professional relationship; my feelings will absolutely not be hurt if you do things how you want, in fact, I will encourage that. So many of us here in Canada are immigrants, far away from our families with no support, other than our partner, who is also naturally exhausted after the birth. You can just simply relax and let me help, allow your mind and body to heal and bask in your new baby, as one should after gloriously bringing a new human into the world.

I look forward to serving you.

Katie Heine Litz: Postpartum Doula

I am a mum to a beautiful daughter (our rainbow baby girl), and a postpartum doula who will soon be offering prenatal services as well. I support those in their transformational postpartum time, honouring the mother’s pivotal rite of passage and helping your home run smoothly when baby arrives so you can have the time to rest, heal and cherish this precious season. I can help you however you most need: from looking after your sweet baby (and older children) while you rest, to cleaning your home and prepping nutritious foods, to holding space for you as you move through this pivotal and incredibly important season, and more.

I have completed the Wise Woman Birth and Postpartum Doula trainings, Mandy Verghese’s Wombspace massage workshop, approach life with a holistic and natural viewpoint, and I also have extensive and firsthand knowledge of walking through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with Type 1 Diabetes. I am also trained in the art of Indian Head Massage and love to share this relaxing and healing modality as part of my offerings. I believe you deserve to have an empowered pregnancy and birth, and a calm, nourished and restoring fourth trimester, and would love to help make this happen for you. The journey of growing your baby, bringing them earthside, and caring for and nourishing them once they’re here is one that deserves to be celebrated. You are miraculous!

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If you are ready, please fill out the birth intake form and we will connect with you as soon as possible.

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